The Origin of Intumescent Fireproofing is now GreenGuard Gold Certified

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Meet Our Team

Daryl Orlich

VP Sales, Eastern Region
860 985 3138
Albi is the origin of fireproofing materials for structural steel.  I have over 37 years of fireproofing experience with Albi.  My mission is to provide professional technical and sales support for a successful Albi fireproofing project.

Cathy Nye

Customer Service Manager
860 828 2164
I aim to provide the best customer experience that sets Albi apart from the competition.

Ireneusz Kurplewski (Jarick)

Senior Lead / Operator
I’m proud to be making great, quality Albi products.

Matt Auchy

Director of Sales
860 817 3234
I am proud to be part of an Albi product development heritage that since 1948 has been protecting people and property with intumescent fire-resistive paints for passive fire protection.
Should you have any questions or require additional information about our fireproofing product solutions and more, please contact Albi Sales and Technical Representative.
Phone: (860) 985-3138 or email: