Extra fine pigment dispersions for tinting solvent based oil paints, alkyds and nitrocellulose lacquers. Non-fading. Can also be used to make Glazing Stains (Glazes) by mixing 1 to 1 with our Wiping Stain Reducer (previous page) or for making stains by mixing 1 to 5 parts with our Wiping Stain Reducer. Not recommended for shellac, alcohol or water based stains or finishes. Available in quarts only. Prices vary with color.

Category # Color
92210-01 Phthalo Blue
92210-02 Lithol Red
92210-03 LF Med Yellow
92210-04 Burnt Sienna
92210-05 Raw Sienna
92210-06 Burnt Umber
92210-07 Raw Umber
Category # Color
92210-08 Van Dyke Brown
92210-09 Flake White
92210-10 Lamp Black
92210-11 Yellow Ochre
92210-14 Phthalo Green
92210-16 Toluidine Red
92210-18 Venetian Red


Answers issues of color mixing and matching by a turn of a wheel. Indicates results when colors are mixed with each other, individually added or, mixed with white. Excellent for creating custom colors utilizing our above U-T-C’s, Japan Colors or HYDROCOTE® Tinting Colors.

Available in two types: for creating solid (opaque) colors or, for creating pigmented stain colors.

Product #
91670 For Solid Colors
91671 For Stain Colors (Pigmented Stains)
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