Finely ground, non-fading pigments for color repairs that last. Used throughout the industry for quick efficient professional touch-ups.

Net 13 fluid oz. per can.

Category # Color
M-0143 Raw Umber
M-0206 Light Walnut
M-0207 Medium Brown / American Walnut
M-0209 Extra Dark Walnut
M-0218 Light Red Mahogany
M-0227 Dark Red Mahogany
M-0229 Brown Mahogany
M-0234 Medium Dark Walnut
M-0240 Colonial Maple
M-0249 Perfect Brown
M-0326 Amber
M-0357 Medium Brown Maple
M-0385 Cordovan Mahogany
M-0386 Medium Red Shading Mahogany
M-0408 Cherry
M-0411 Nutmeg
M-1435 Burnt Umber
M-1478 Van Dyke Brown
M-1522 Statesman Oak
M-8359 Brown Cherry
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