Possibly the most innovative and time saving mixing tool available today. Designed to mix any viscosity liquid fast, thin or thick, while lifting settled material, such as flatting agent, from bottom of container, lump free. No need to remove pail covers; no more messy spillage.

This state of the art mixing tool inserts through the pour spout neck of the 5 gallon pail, or any opening for that matter. Upon applying torque, the mixing arms open up outward from centrifugal force when a mixing device or a drill is turned on. Mixes the contents of a 5 gallon pail thoroughly in less than a minute.

Made of zinc-aluminum alloy for strong durability and long life. The body and mixing arms are cast and tumbled to burr smooth for easy clean up. The mixing blade is attached to a 3/8” shaft for easy attachment to a cordless drill. Excellent product for mixing solvent and water based lacquers, varnishes and polyurethanes; alkyd, enamel and latex paints.

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