How RESISTHANE™ Differs From Others and Why

Green Technology Product Certified and Phthalates free.
✓ Tough and durable with very fast hardness development
✓ Extremely environmentally friendly (extremely low VOC)
✓ Quick Drying and Non-Yellowing
✓ Outstanding clarity and depth; no plastic look ever
✓ Outstanding warmth and grain definition
✓ Sanding between coats not a must
✓ Ready to spray with excellent flow and leveling
✓ Looks superb over stained wood or as a natural finish
✓ No catalyst/pot life problem or restrictions
✓ Recoat anytime, and no limit on number of coats
✓ 100% burn-in when recoated within 48 hours.
✓ Meets KCMA standards for kitchen cabinets



Looking to breathe easier and still experience a superior finish?

This pre-catalyzed, self-sealing aqueous wood lacquer, with over 30 years of innovation behind it, is extremely tough and durable with unmatched clarity, depth and richness. No plastic look for sure. Extremely low VOC and very environmentally friendly, including to chemically sensitive individuals. Makes finishing wood safe and easy, by spray, pad or foam brush. No window of recoatability; recoat at any time (once able to sand) with smooth results each time. No need to sand between coats though, if so desired. Self-sealing (recommended). For finishing and refinishing all interior furniture, kitchen cabinets, table tops, office furniture, antiques, and paneling. Safe on children’s furniture too. Not recommended for bar tops, restaurant tables, around sink areas – use our EVERLAST™ Wood Finish. For flooring application use our EVERLAST™ or Green Technology™ GYMCOTE™.

Available in clear in three sheens and in pigmented (black and white) in two sheens plus primer.

Sheens: Gloss = 80, Satin = 45% Dull Satin (Egg Shell) = 25%

Size Gloss Satin Dull Satin
QRT 63200 63300 63000
1 Gal 63201 63301 63001
5 Gal 63205 63305 63005
55 Gal 63255 63355 63055


Size Primer Gloss Satin
White Black White Black White Black
QRT 92800 58200 54000 53300 54100 53400
1 Gal 92801 58201 54001 53301 54101 53401
5 Gal 92805 58205 54005 53305 54105 53405

ℹ IMPORTANT: Do not use tack cloth between coats. It can cause improper cure, hazing, crazing, lifting or peeling. Use a lint-free cloth, dampened with water only. For same reasons refrain from applying over a slow drying oil based stain. For best results, use our Wiping Wood Stain, Green Technology Wood Stain or HYDROCOTE® Penetrating Stain. Please visit our website for further details on staining issues and remedy in applying over oil rich stains.


Solids by wt.: 35%
Solids by vol.: 32%
Viscosity: 20-25 sec. #4 Ford Cup
Coverage: 400 sq. ft. per gallon
Recoat time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: 60 minutes
Drying time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: Dust free, 5-10 min.
VOC: 0.5 lbs/gal (60 g/L)


Non-Flammable • Non-Toxic • Environmentally Safe
Fast Drying • Non-Yellowing • Water Clean-up

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