Quick drying, non-grain raising, no sand stain that assures smooth and even coloration. Can be added to our Magna-Shield®, Low VOC lacquers, EVERLAST™ Wood Finish and our Quick Drying Grain Filler for tinting or shading purposes. Pre-mix with some lacquer thinner prior to addition to any lacquer or Magna-Shield®. Dries in 10 minutes. Can be top coated in 30 minutes. Additional shades can be created through intermixing. Apply by brush, spray or wipe on. If spraying on, apply an even coat, then wipe off all excess with a lint free cloth. Not recommended for exterior application or direct sunlight exposure. Concentrated – thinable with our Wiping Stain Reducer or mineral spirits (to slow down drying time). In the event of blotching on soft woods, use the below Wood Conditioner first per label directions.

Coverage 200-300 SF/gal.

Size Product # Size Product # Size Product #
Quart 91660 1 Gallon 91662 5 Gallon Pail 91665

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