Reason Magna-Shield® Stands Out Above The Rest

✓ Recoat anytime, and no limit on number of coats*
✓ Sanding between each coat not a must
✓ Self-Sealing**, quick drying, lower odor
✓ VOC Compliant in all States, except California
✓ Tough and durable with excellent chemical resistance
✓ High build, non-yellowing, with superb clarity
✓ Ready to spray with excellent flow and leveling
✓ Looks superb over stained wood or as a natural finish
✓ Non-Blushing (up to 96% Relative Humidity)
✓ No catalyst/pot life problem or restrictions
✓ No thinner or retarder needed in most applications
✓ Smooth finish straight from the spray gun
✓ Meets KCMA standards for use on kitchen cabinets




Functionality, flexibility, simplicity, and superb performance all wrapped up in a single product – from excellent durability and superb warmth and clarity to user friendly features. Smooth finish straight from the gun every time. Equally important, provides unmatched performance and economy.

Magna-Shield’s® enhanced properties bridge the gap between conventional lacquer and post cat finishes in terms of hardness and durability. That is, Magna-Shield® is very durable, yet flexible without chipping, cracking or issue of recoatability window. Simple to use and apply through most spray equipment from HVLP to air assisted airless.

Under most ambient application conditions, Magna-Shield® requires no thinning or addition of a retarder to perform properly. It will not blush to a relative humidity of 96%. Available in clears, in five (5) sheens; and pigmented, black/white in two (2) sheens plus primer.

Magna-Shield® Clears
Size High Gloss
90% Sheen
75% Sheen
45% Sheen
“Dull” Stain
25% Sheen
10-15% Sheen
1 Gal MS9001 MS9101 MS9201 MS9301 MS9401
5 Gal MS9005 MS9105 MS9205 MS9305 MS9405

Virtually Water-Clear and non-yellowing. Use over any stain or type of wood, will not discolor.
* Clears and Pigmented are both available in 55 gallon drums.

Magna-Shield® Pigmented
Size White Gloss White Satin White Primer Black Gloss Black Satin Black Primer
1 Gal MS6101 MS6201 MS6301 MS6601 MS6701 MS6801
5 Gal MS6105 MS6205 MS6305 MS6605 MS6705 MS6805


Solids by wt.: 40%
Solids by vol.: 35%
Viscosity: 20-25 sec. #4 Ford Cup
Coverage: 600 sq. ft. per gallon
Recoat time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: 60 minutes
Drying time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: Dust free, 5-10 min.
VOC: 4.5 lbs/gal (540 g/L)

*For high build application, apply a maximum of three (3) coats per day and wait at least two (2) hours between coats to release tail solvents that aid in flow out and prevent surface blushing, and to make certain efficient cross-linking occurs.

**Magna-Shield® can be applied over a sanding sealer or a vinyl sealer, if so desired. However, sanding sealer coats should be up to two (2) only then sanded down and up to two (2) coats for vinyl sealer which do not have to be sanded off, only sanded smooth.

ℹ IMPORTANT: Do not use tack cloth between coats. It can cause crazing.


For stain requirements in richness, beauty and application ease, use our quick drying Wiping Wood Stain.

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