Top quality, all purpose lacquer for most interior wood and metal furniture. Ready to spray (clears) as supplied. VOC compliant to meet current Clean Air Act standards in all states except California. Formulated for maximum adhesion, tough- ness and build, with very good water, heat and alcohol resistance. This lacquer can be topcoated with Magna-Shield® or our EVERLAST™ Wood Finish for added durability, toughness, and chemical resistance.

Offered in Clear Straw Color – for all purpose application; Water Clear – for use over bleached or “pickled” wood or white pastel stains; White Pigmented and Black Pigmented Lacquers, including their respective primers.

Solids = 30% for the clears, 45% solids for pigmented; no thinning required with proper spray equipment.

In case of orange peel, thin up to 10% with our Lacquer Thinner #1 or #2.

Sheen: Gloss = 90, Satin = 45, Flat = 13%



Key Product Benefits

✓ Fast Drying
✓ VOC Compliant
✓ High Solids, Excellent Build
✓ Builds Fast
✓ Excellent Flow and Leveling
✓ Exceptional Clarity and Depth (clears)
✓ Ready for Spray (clears) – No Thinning Required



5 Gallon Gloss Satin Flat Sealer Vinyl Sealer
Clear Straw 94705 96205 97405 95805 95505
Water Clear 62505 62605 62705 95305 95905


5 Gallon Gloss Satin Flat Primer
White 67305 67405 N/A 67205
Black 68305 68405 68505 68205
Also available in single gallons. Call for pricing. Replace 05 in last two digits to 01 for proper product number when ordering, i.e., 67301 designates White Gloss Lacquer.
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This 100% wax free micronized shellac is compatible with ALL wood finishes; lacquers, oil and water-based, varnishes, polyurethanes, pre and postcatalyzed lacquers and varnishes. SEALCOAT™ brings out the natural beauty of the wood’s patina. Though amber in color, it will not yellow over time. Fast drying, can be sanded and recoated in minutes.Excellent for under all HYDROCOTE® finishes, Resisithane™, Polyshield® and other water-based finishes to eliminate grain raising and bring out warmth, depth, and color definitions to the wood grain.

Size Product #
Quart 30400
1 Gal 30401
5 Gal 30405
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Designed for use as a bridge coat between an existing tough finish (catalyzed lacquer, conversion varnish, catalyzed polyurethane, polyester, etc.) that needs no removal and a new top coat of lacquer. Bonds to laminates as well. Not recommended over varnishes or urethanes unless the NO LIFT LACQUER is used first. Ready for spray application, no thinning required. Follow label directions prior to use.

Size Product #
Quart 95400
1 Gal 95401
5 Gal 95405
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Superior quality, Ready-To-Spray lacquers designed to highlight the wood or stain and add a special shaded effect. These are totally transparent and although designed for shading of top coats, can also be used to apply a stain and lacquer in a single step. Colors can be intermixed to achieve custom colors. Available in gallons only.

Size Product #
Dark Mahogany 91693-01
Red Mahogany 91693-02
Walnut 91693-05
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Nitrocellulose lacquers when applied directly over conventional varnishes and urethanes will lift or craze these. Two coats of this No Lift Lacquer prevents this from happening.
Ready for spray application as supplied – no thinning required or recommended.

Size Product #
Quart 98700
1 Gal 98701
5 Gal 98705
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Seals in silicone based and other contaminants thus preventing fish-eyes, wet spots and orange peel. A must for any furniture refinisher. Will not lift nor discolor light woods. Nitrocellulose/shellac based. Ready for spray or brushing application as supplied – no thinning required. For best results, apply multiple coats to seal the contaminants (often four coats may be required) without sanding between coats and allowing at least two hours drying time between coats.

Size Product #
Quart Quart
1 Gal 95701

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