Semi-paste, extra fine ground pigments in an alkyd base. Non-fading. Can be used for making Glazing Stains and for tinting conventional wood fillers. Thin 1 to 1 with our Wiping Stain Reducer, mineral spirits, paint thinner, turpentine or VM&P naphtha if making glazes. Can be added directly to wood fillers to make custom colors. Not recommended for shellac, alcohol, or water based glazes or wood fillers. Available in quarts only. Prices vary with color.

Category # Color
92105 Drop Black C
92106 Burnt Sienna
92107 Raw Sienna
92108 Burnt Umber
92109 Raw Umber
92110 Van Dyke Brown
Category # Color
92111 Flake White
92112 French Yellow Ochre
92113 Bulletin Red
92115 Refined Lampblack
92109 Raw Umber
92118 Venetian Red


Answers issues of color mixing and matching by a turn of a wheel. Indicates results when colors are mixed with each other, individually added or, mixed with white. Excellent for creating custom colors utilizing our above U-T-C’s, Japan Colors or HYDROCOTE® Tinting Colors.

Available in two types: for creating solid (opaque) colors or, for creating pigmented stain colors.

Product #
91670 For Solid Colors
91671 For Stain Colors (Pigmented Stains)

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