Highly concentrated, extra fine ground pigment, free of fillers and extenders. Designed for use as tints with all the HYDROCOTE® finishes to create custom colors. Can also be used to make Glazing Stains by mixing 1 to 1 with Stain Reducer or Wiping Stains by mixing 1 part with 5 parts of Base. Available in quarts only. Prices vary with color.

92270-01 Deep Organic Red*
92270-02 Organic Med. Yellow*
92270-04 Raw Sienna
92270-05 Burnt Sienna
92270-06 Raw Umber
92270-07 Burnt Umber
92270-08 Van Dyke Brown
92270-09 Flake White
92270-10 Tinting Black
92270-11 Phthalo Blue*
92270-12 Phthalo Green*
92270-14 Yellow Ochre
92270-99 Stain Reducer

91697-50  Clear Stain Base (qt)
91698-50  Clear Stain Base (gal)


*IMPORTANT: When adding these colorants, pre-mix with small amount of Tinting Color Reducer or water prior to addition to the finish.

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