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Up To 75% Less Noisy Than Other Systems

The Fuji-Spray® Q3 Platinum, Q4 Platinum, Q5 Platinum, MiniMite-3 Platinum (Fine Woodworking Best Overall/Value recipient), MiniMite-4 Platinum and MM5 Platinum spray systems are powered by high performance, 3-stage, 4-stage and 5 stage workhorse turbine engines, respectively, and the new T-70 class non-bleeder spray gun that is anything but ordinary. Aside from their superior spray performance with all types of finishes, and a superior two year warranty, the Q series spray systems, through their patented technology are up to 75% quieter than competitive systems. Save up to 85-90% over conventional air spray systems in material consumption too. The Fuji Spray Semi-PRO 2™ HVLP Spray System has been added to meet the growing demand by home hobbyists and DIY market. A 2-stage system that performs like a 3-stage system of others. FUJI Spray Systems are perfect for spraying wood, metal, plastic or canvas. Simply unsurpassed! The Q and Mini-Mite models, all, are capable of running two guns simultaneously. Second gun and hose are optional.

Product # Description Stage PSI
2202 SEMI-PRO² 2-Stage 5
2903-T70 MM3-Platinum 3-Stage 6.5
2904-T70 MM4-Platinum 4-Stage 9
2905-T70 MM5-Platinum 5-Stage 9.5
3003-T70 Q3 Platinum 3-Stage 6.5
3004-T70 Q4 Platinum 4-Stage 9
3005-T70 Q5 Platinum 5-Stage 9.5

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