This high-performance, green technology certified floor finish contains the most elite and innovative proprietary resins for the most demanding requirements in the floor coatings industry. It is highly recommended for residential and commercial floors that demand a green product or, where sensitivity to chemicals or odors is essential. Contains no phthalates. Excellent for light grain and natural color floors as Maple, in that it imparts no amber color. Perfect over light color stains too. Makes floor finishing and refinishing safe, easy, odorless, and furthermore this floor finish is easily repairable anytime. Non-yellowing and very quick drying. For interior use only.

Apply by brush, lambswool applicator or spray. Self sealing. However, for amber color enhancement to the wood grain, use a single coat of EVERLAST™ Sealer under this varnish or add the HYDROCOTE® Amber Additive. Excellent replacement product for Tung-Oil finish (impart that look) when used in conjunction with our EVERLAST™ Sealer.

Available in Gloss, Satin, Dull-Satin. Coverage, 400SF/gal VOC=60g/L


Key and Unique Product Benefits

Green Technology™ Formula Certified. Contains no Phthalates
✓ Quick Drying, very durable and non-yellowing
✓ Outstanding clarity and depth. No plastic look
✓ Outstanding warmth and grain de nition
✓ Excellent flow and leveling
✓ No catalyst/pot life problem or restrictions
✓ Recoatable any time
✓ Phthalates Free


Size Gloss Satin Dull Satin
1 Gal 70201 70301 70401
5 Gal 70205 70305 70405
55 Gal 70255 70355 70455

ℹ IMPORTANT: Do not use tack cloth between coats. It can cause improper cure, hazing, crazing, lifting or peeling. Use a lint-free cloth, dampened with water only. For same reasons refrain from applying over a slow drying oil based stain. For best results, use our Wiping or Penetrating Wood Stains or HYDROCOTE® Penetrating Stain.

Solids by wt.: 35%
Solids by vol.: 32%
Viscosity: 20-25 sec. #4 Ford Cup
Coverage: 400 sq. ft. per gallon
Recoat time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: 2 hours
Drying time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: Dust free, 15 min.
VOC: 0.5 lbs/gal (60 g/L)



This quick drying, zero (0) VOC, interior/exterior semi-transparent stain is non-grain raising (on most woods) and fade resistant. It offers excellent grain penetration and color retention. Can be coated with any type of finish, solvent or water based. Apply by spray, brush or wipe-on. Dries in 15 minutes. Recoatable in about an hour. Excellent for use on wood flooring and furniture. Its rich colors enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain. Can be intermixed to achieve custom colors. This stain is easy to control because lapping is not a problem.

When used over a dye stain (as our Penetrating Stain), the combination produces a unique and beautiful three dimensional grain pattern.

Its Green Technology™ Formula makes it very suitable in a chemically sensitive environment, or wherever use of a green type product is essential.

Please specify CAT#, COLOR# (at right) and COLOR when ordering.
Coverage, 200-300 sq. ft./gal. VOC = 0

Color Color #
Golden Oak 01
Brown Mahogany 04
Dar Walnut 05
Extra Dark Walnut 06
Cherry 07
Maple 09
Medium Brown Walnut 10
Ebony 12
Perfect Brown 17
Limed Oak 44
Fumed Oak* 49

*Fumed Oak is not a true stain.
Color change in patina is obtain through pH.

Size Product #
Quart 70800
1 Gal 70801
5 Gal Pail 70805

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