Extra fine ground touch-up pigment colors used for spot color replacement on all types of furniture, cabinets, plastics, leather, vinyl and in hundreds of other finishing applications. Best results are obtained when applied with a padding agent, such as our 77 Lubricite (page 14). Available in 1 oz. containers.

Product # Description
TUP-202 White
TUP-206 Light Walnut
TUP-207 Medium Brown Walnut
TUP-209 Extra Dk Walnut
TUP-224 Black
TUP-246 Red Mahogany
TUP-408 Cherry
TUP-415 Light Golden Oak
TUP-476 Burnt Sienna
TUP-477 Raw Sienna
TUP-0143 Raw Umber
TUP-1435 Burnt Umber
TUP-1478 Van Dyke Brown
TUP-8370 Medium Maple

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