Key and Unique Product Features

✓ Interior/Exterior, extremely tough and durable like a poly
✓ Beauty and warmth of a varnish, Tung-Oil, even lacquer
✓ No plastic like appearance, rather enhances grain definition
✓ Eco-Friendly and now virtually odorless; perfect for on site jobs
✓ Quick drying, with productivity features unlike any other*
✓ Non-Flammable, low combustibility; will not spontaneously combust
✓ Smooth finish straight from the spray gun or brush
✓ No limit on number of coats applied*
✓ Easy application by spray, brush, roller, or wipe-on
✓ Superb durability with excellent chemical resitance
✓ High solids, high build; usually requires only 2 coats
✓ Sanding between coats not a must*
✓ Blocks UV rays from damaging stain or wood substrate
✓ Excellent mar and abrasion resistance
✓ Adheres to any finish for added durability or repair, including UV coatings. Nothing like it on the market․





This Eco-AdvancedTM and virtually odorless wood finish offers extreme toughness and durability, yet, in itself, by far superior to Tung-Oil and, dries 75% quicker and compared to conventional polyurethanes. Its unique formula makes EVERLAST™ Wood Finish suitable for on site jobs-finishing or refinishing bar tops, restaurant tables, office furniture, and walls. Provides fast and superior protection, color retention and easy repair to all interior and exterior woodwork. EVERLAST™ Wood Finish is easy to use and repair with excellent resistance to water, alcohol, and most cleaning chemicals. For dry and recoat times, see table below. Its light straw color enhances color of the natural wood grain or stain. It absorbs UV rays into itself, thus protects the wood substrate from UV damage. Extremely tough but flexible. Resists cracking, flaking, or chipping. VOC compliant in all 50 states. No need to sand between coats if recoated within 48 hours. Excellent product for top coating over any nish to enhance durability and water resistance. No wonder it is recommended by 9 out of 10 architects.

EVERLAST™ Sealer offers deep sealing of the wood grain to enhance resistance to water migration, thus damage or lifting. Two coats are recommended on open grain woods, one coat on tight grain.

Apply by spray, brush, roller, paint pad, or wipe on as supplied. For spray application can be thinned up to 20% with our EVERLAST™ Reducer only.

Sheens: Gloss = 94%, Semi-Gloss = 75, Satin = 45 Dull Satin = 25.

Not recommended for flooring. Use our EVERLAST™ GYMCOAT™ for superior wear and scuff resistance.

Solids by wt.: 50%
Solids by vol.: 46%
Viscosity: 20-25 sec. #4 Ford Cup
Coverage: Top Coat: 500-600 sq. ft. per gallon
Sealer: 200-300 sq. ft. per gallon
Recoat time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: 3-5 hours*
Drying time @ 75˚F, 45% RH: Dust free, 30 min.
VOC: 2.29 lbs/gal (275 g/L)


Size Gloss 94% Sheen Semi-Gloss 75% Sheen Satin 45% Sheen Dull Stain 25% Sheen Sealer Reducer
Qrt 40100 40200 40300 40600 40500 40400
1 Gal 40101 40201 40301 40601 40501 40401
5 Gal 40105 40205 40305 40605 40505 40405

*EVERLAST’s unique properties allow recoating by spray application every ten (10) minutes or so (while still tacky), provided ample drying time (usually 24 hours) is given prior to applying the last coat and, next to the last coat is sanded thoroughly with 220-400 no load sandpaper to remove any imperfections.


To reduce drying time, EVERLAST™ Drier can be added at 2-4 oz per gallon (only) at any time in the finishing schedule but, to be avoided in exterior application since ample cure time is required for exterior durability and longevity.

Size Product #
4 oz ED-004
8 oz ED-008
Quart ED-032

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