Net 13 fluid oz. per can.

Category # Color
M-0410 Pre-Catalyzed Gloss
M-0411 Pre-Catalyzed Flat
M-0412 Pre-Catalyzed Satin
M-0414 Pre-Catalyzed Dead Flat
M-0415 Pre-Catalyzed Semi-Gloss
M-0416 Pre-Catalyzed Matte
M-0420 Tone Finish Gloss
M-0421 Tone Finish Flat
M-0422 Tone Finish Satin
M-0423 Tone Finish Sanding Sealer
M-0485 Tone Finish Dead Flat 5 Sheen
M-0475 No Blush™ Plus Retarder
M-0500 Lacquer for Brass
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