Arti Olesol Stains are for spray, roller, and dipping. They are light, fast, acid resistant, heatproof, and they dry rapidly. Application on newly sanded substrates will give the best continuous stain result. Course sanding will produce a darker stain, while a fine sanding gives a lighter tone. After drying, they can be overcoated with our MAGNASHIELD® clear lacquers.

Category # Color
1918 Dark Brown Mahogany
1921 Light Brown Mahogany
1928 White
1975 Med Brown Mahogany
1993 Dark Red Mahogany
1996 Ginger
DP352 Dark Mahogany
DP362 Medium Brown
DP365 Red Maple
DP368 Light Brown
DP392 Cherry
DP627 Black Stain
DP745 Old Walnut
DP1183 Golden Oak

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