Albi Clad 800

Albi Clad 800 is a solvent based intumescent mastic coating (fire resistant paint) applied to structural steel, concrete and other construction materials for exterior applications. It is UL classified for up to three hours of protection. Albi Clad 800 should be specified wherever long-lasting, exterior fireproofing is needed. Fire resistant paint

Albi’s Clad 800 Features,

  • ASTM E-119/ UL 263 and UL 1709 classified for up to 3 hours protection of interior and exterior steel.
  • Lightweight, hammer-hard, thin- film application follows the contour of substrate.
  • Single-component, factory formulated to eliminate job-site blending.

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Typical markets for 800 include;

Oil Refineries & Petrochemical Facilities

Albi Clad 800 is used on pipe racks, vessel and tower skirts, tank legs and the structural steel (including galvanized) of the facility. It is used primarily to meet the refinery guidelines for fireproofing and bring a refinery up to code for their insurance carrier. Albi Clad 800 is fire tested to the UL 1709 Standard, Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel. This test is a requirement for the petrochemical industry and its structural steel. In addition, UL1709 is most often required by the internal loss prevention groups in many of the chemical/oil companies. Albi Clad 800 is approved by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. for exterior conditions on structural steel & concrete.

Typical application is 350 mils for a 1-1/2 hour fire rating, but some projects require as much as 750 mils for a 3 hour rating. Key points that put Albi Clad 800 ahead of other intumescent and cementitious products are:

  1. Lower applied cost – 20% to 30% less.
  2. Single component — easy to use.
  3. Simple spray equipment.
  4. Easy clean-up.
  5. Fabric only on the flange edges — faster installation.
  6. No topcoat required — durable finish.
  7. Can be applied by in-house maintenance personnel or painting contractor.


Albi Clad 800 provides long-term, in-place, maintenance free performance for exterior architectural applications. It is a lightweight intumescent coating designed to highlight architectural design. Typical applications include schools, convention centers, medical facilities, hotels, office buildings or anywhere the design calls for aesthetic, contour application.

Heavy Industrial

Albi Clad 800 withstands extreme weather conditions, chemical fumes, high abrasion and is impact resistant. It is highly recommended for use on oil refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG production, power plants and dock facilities.

Frequently asked questions



Can you paint or topcoat Albi Clad 800?
Yes, Albi Clad 800 can be covered with a compatible topcoat. As long as you use a compatible product, a topcoat will not affect the fire rating or performance. You might choose to use a topcoat to achieve a certain color.

Is a topcoat required?
No. Albi Clad 800 is complete without any topcoat. It is NOT necessary in most cases to coat it for additional protection. (In unusually severe exposure areas such as the Gulf Coast, Great Lakes or all coastal applications, we recommend the use of our Albi Polyurethane Topcoat, to add an extra layer of protection.)

Does Albi Clad 800 come in colors? Can you tint it?
No, Albi Clad 800 comes only in off-white. You cannot tint it, as adding sufficient quantities of pigments could affect the fire performance. If you want a colored finish you may cover the Albi product with a compatible topcoat.

What does the surface texture of Albi Clad 800 look like?
Albi Clad 800 is a uniform off-white. It is hammer-hard, with a fairly smooth surface.



Can Albi Clad 800 be used in both interior and exterior locations?
Yes, Albi Clad 800 is UL classified for up to 3 hours protection of both interior and exterior steel. It is extremely rugged and resistant to weathering, as well as challenging industrial interiors. For interior applications that are less demanding, specify Albi Clad TF, our water based interior product.

Can Albi Clad 800 withstand high humidity? Repeated washing? Weathering? Impact? Vibration?
Albi Clad 800 is extremely durable. It is highly resistant to abrasion, impact, humidity, ultraviolet exposure, extreme temperatures, washing, and chemical fumes. It maintains excellent fire protective properties even when exposed to years of extreme abuse and vibration.
It is has performed very well on offshore drilling platforms, power plants, and petrochemical plants, which demonstrates its ability to withstand severe environments.


Why do you stress UL, Inc?
Underwriters Laboratories Inc is the undisputed leader in the evaluation of fire resistive construction materials. UL conducts extensive fire tests of the rated assemblies. In addition, UL subjects the coating to accelerated aging, elevated humidity, industrial atmosphere, salt spray, ultraviolet light, freezing and simulated rain, and then exposes those samples to the fire tests. UL makes follow-up visits to the manufacturer to assure that the product sold continues to match the product tested.
UL’s facilities, fire test experience, environmental assessments, rigorous impartiality, and wide acceptance by code officials and other authorities, are unmatched by other testing bodies.

What is the maximum hourly rating you can achieve?
Albi Clad 800 is rated by UL for up to 3 hours.

Does Albi Clad 800 comply with BOCA, SBCCA, and ICBO and IBC requirements?
Yes, Albi Clad 800 meets all relevant local, state, and regional building codes.

Do you have city code approvals such as MEA, LARR, and SF?
Albi Clad 800 has been reviewed and is accepted by all individual state and city building codes, including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


We need fireproofing for steel columns embedded in block walls with column face exposed on both sides. Would Albi Clad 800 work there?
Yes. While no exact tests exist, you could use the standard column listing. The block would act as an additional heat sink.

How do you best fireproof a steel truss?
It depends on the size of the elements that make up the truss. If the steel components are small, then an intumescent is not the most suitable product. Albi DriClad would be better.
If the truss is larger, the elements are similar to steel sizes that have UL listings and you can work from those listings.

How can I fireproof ductwork, such as grease ducts or air handling?
Ductwork is best protected by Albi DriClad. Intumescents are not designed for use on sheet metal.

How do you fireproof steel rods holding up a suspended walkway?
Unless you have a recoverable spray booth, the only way to economically fireproof steel rods is by gloving the material onto the rods.

I have a roof joist that I wish to leave exposed. What do you suggest?
Typically roof joists are quite small and are not good candidates for intumescent fireproofing. Consider using Albi DriClad instead.

How do I fireproof lintels to conform to Building Code?
Here too, no exact UL listing exists for any manufacturer. For the most part you should use the most restrictive fire test, i.e. a column listing. However because the lintels are horizontal, most code officials prefer a beam listing.

UL beam designs call for flutes of metal deck to be filled. How is that accomplished?
As with most UL designs of this order, the accepted method is to fill the flutes with safeing material (4 lb/cu. ft.)

Can clips for hangers be attached over the material?
Yes, clips are usually best installed after the fireproofing has been applied.

Does Albi Clad 800 contain asbestos?
No. All Albi products are free of asbestos.

What is Albi Clad 800 made of?
Albi Clad 800 is a proprietary formulation consisting of heavy-bodied vinyl based resins, binders, intumescent agents and reinforcing inorganic fibers.

What are the major differences between Albi Clad 800 and your interior thin film fireproofing, Albi Clad TF?
Albi Clad 800 is for Exterior or for rugged interior use. It is a heavy-bodied, solvent-based mastic designed to withstand exterior weathering and challenging industrial uses. Albi Clad 800 requires a slightly thicker application than TF and the texture is considerably rougher.
Albi Clad TF is for Interior use. Fire ratings can be achieved with a very thin coating with a smooth aesthetic finish. Albi Clad TF is water-based.


Do you have to be an approved contractor to apply Albi Clad 800?
Definitely. Applicators must be trained to apply Albi Clad 800 according to our instructions. Our sales representative or our headquarters office can provide a list of approved, experienced contactors who have been trained at Albi Manufacturing.

Does Albi Clad 800 require specialized spray equipment?
Albi Clad 800 is a heavy-bodied mastic that is sprayed on with a standard, heavy-duty pneumatic operated, positive action pump.

Can Albi Clad 800 be applied by roller, by brush, by trowel?
For locations that are too difficult to reach by spray application, or for small patches, Albi Clad 800 can be applied by trowel, or palmed in with a gloved hand. For such situations, order the material in our trowel grade. (Rollers and brushes are not good tools for applying Albi Clad 800.)

Can you apply Albi Clad 800 to bare steel?
No, we recommend all steel be primed before applying the Albi Clad. Since our fireproofing is not formulated to function as a surface sealer or moisture barrier, a compatible primer is required to protect against corrosion. UL fire tests are made on primed steel.

What is your recommendation regarding a primer?
A compatible primer is required to protect against corrosion of steel substrates. We recommend Albi 487S, a phenolic modified alkyd primer, for use with Albi Clad 800. This is the primer used when Albi Clad 800 was tested by UL.
If you elect to use any other primer, the applicator must determine compatibility before applying the Albi Clad 800. Albi Clad 800 contains powerful solvents, of the fireproofing to adhere.

Does Albi Clad 800 protect against corrosion?
No. Albi Clad 800 is not a moisture barrier or sealant. A compatible primer must be applied first.

Is mechanical reinforcement required?
For some UL listings, reinforcement with wire mesh or fiberglass ribbon is required.

Can Albi Clad 800 be applied at the steel yard and then shipped to the jobsite?
Yes, Albi Clad 800 is often applied at the steel yard and then shipped to the job site. Care must be taken to insure proper cure before shipping, and supervision during the loading and unloading of the steel.

Do any weather conditions such as high humidity or low temperatures restrict application of Albi Clad 800?
Albi Clad 800 can be applied in most weather conditions provided certain precautions are taken. The steel must be kept free of ice, frost, moisture, etc. As a solvent-based product, Albi Clad 800 is not prone to freezing, however to maintain a good viscosity for spraying it should be warmed to 50 degrees. During hot weather it should be kept in shaded areas. Our approved applicators are trained in how to apply Albi Clad under various weather conditions.

Since Albi Clad 800 is solvent-based, is it VOC compliant?
Yes it is.

How do we dispose of excess product at job completion?
Assuming there is insufficient material to keep for the next project, allow the material to dry within the drums then hammer the sides of the drums. The material should be safe to landfill at that point, however it is imperative that the applicator check with the local waste disposal authority, and comply with local, state and federal regulations.


Is there a project nearby where we can see an actual application?
Very likely. Over the years we have covered many millions of square feet of steel with Albi Clad 800. In the first section of this binder there is a list of hundreds of representative projects around the country where Albi products have been used. In addition, your regional sales manager will know of others. 

We are in the process of doing a feasibility study. How can we estimate budget costs for Albi Clad 800?

Albi produces a chart of installed budget costs. You can download a copy from our website, request one from your regional sales manager, or find one in the Albi binder for specifiers.

Where can I get further information about specific questions I have regarding Albi Clad 800?
Contact one of our sales representatives (listed on the next two pages) for answers to your specific questions. Quite a bit of printed information is available on our website including brochures, product data sheets, estimating and budget information, application guides, and long form specifications which you can download in PDF format.

Benefits of using 800

The major benefit of Albi Clad 800 is its ability to stand up to the harshest of environments. It has a 30+ year track record of standing up to severe weather conditions and abuse such as chemical fumes or constant vibration. It is also highly resistant to ultraviolet exposure.

  • UL Classified for up to 3 hours protection of both interior & exterior steel and concrete.
  • UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel Designs is generally a requirement for the insurance carrier in certain manufacturing or chemical environments.
  • Albi Clad 800 is tested to the Commercial/Architectural Construction fire test standard ASTM E-119.
  • Single component factory formulation eliminates the need for job site blending. This also eliminates the need for costly plural component airless pumps.
  • The solvent base eliminates application issues below 30 degrees F.

Unlike most other materials on the market, Albi Clad 800 does not require a topcoat as part of the UL design. Since a topcoat is required by other manufacturers, it must be maintained to continually protect the underlying fireproofing. This significantly increases long-term costs. Lightweight, hammer-hard, thin film application follows the contour of the substrate. The hard finish is an advantage in harsh physical environments. Outstanding wear resistance eliminates dusting, flaking, cracking and delamination. Albi Clad 800 is often used as a quick and easy repair to failed high density cementitious fireproofing. Albi Clad 800 is approved by major building codes and insurance underwriters. Albi Clad 800 provides an aesthetic architectural finish. Albi Clad 800 is available in Trowel Grade. Small patchwork or damaged areas may be hand-troweled or gloved. When hand troweling, tools must be kept wet with Albi Clad solvent in order to avoid sticking Albi Cote 487S primer is recommended for use with Albi Clad 800. Please contact Albi Protective Coatings for other compatible primers.