A mesh fabric coated with closely sized abrasive particles laminated to foam and a brush c’oth backing for easy attachment by grip (velcro). The open mesh and foam construction is ideally suited for use with different types of lubricants including water. The lubricant flows around the abrasive grains and is absorbed or released by the foam as needed for wet sanding and heat sink. Provides a super smooth finish and cuts polishing time by over 50%. Available in 6″ foam discs, packaged 20 per box or sold individually.

Product # (Box) Product # (Each) Grit
241-180 242-180 180
241-360 242-360 360
241-500 242-500 500
241-1000 242-1000 1000
241-2000 242-2000 2000
241-3000 242-3000 3000
241-4000 242-4000 4000

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