Wood Finishes

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Neither Magna-Shield® nor EVERLAST™ Wood Finish project that harsh solvent odor typified by other pre-cat lacquers or solvent based finishes on the market. In fact, EVERLAST™ is virtually odorless.
The EVERLAST™ Wood Finish – an engineering marvel. Eco-Smart. Non-flammable with a pleasant odor. Interior/Exterior. Apply by spray, roller, wipe-on, or paint pad. Cures rapidly – no plastic-like appearance. To boot, EVERLAST™ Wood Finish can be applied over nearly every finish to enhance its durability and chemical resistance. Its unique, pleasant odor (though now virtually odorless) makes it extremely suitable for on-site finishing and refinishing. Excellent replacement for tung-oil in that it offers the same appearance, but cures 85% faster and is by far more durable. By far less hazardous too – will not support spontaneous combustion!