Finish Removers

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Very Effectively
RemovePaint, Varnish, Lacquer, Shellac,
Polyurethane, Polyester … and Much More

These non-flammable finish removers are our flagship products and offered in two types: methylene chloride based and, ecologically friendly methylene chloride free; in either liquid or semi-paste. With the exception of EZ-DUZ-IT™ remover they contain no harsh chemicals, such as lye or strong acids to effectively remove most finishes. Formulated to be relatively gentle on the hands and glue joints too, yet the methylene chloride based removers are fast acting.
The HOODSTRIP®-290 and HOODSTRIP®-888 are our top selling finish removers because of their unique efficacy and performance properties that will remove 90% of the finishes encountered, yet gentle on your hands and glue joints. Click here to learn more about them or, click on respective Product Item for further information.
For much more aggressive finish removing needs, such as polyester and catalyzed varnish, HOODSTRIP®-715 (EZ-DUZ-IT™) is recommended.