Sonesta Apartments


Hartford, CT


September 2014


Thick Tech Systems

Albi DriClad

This project is the renovation of a hotel into apartments. Albi DriClad was used to encase the truss because it had previously been painted. As a result, the use of DriClad reduced the cost of removing the paint and installing spray fireproofing with metal lath. The job required both 2-1/2 inch and 1-3/8 inch thick Albi DriClad attached to itself using Albi Screws. The two different thicknesses were necessary because the truss was made up of different steel sizes. This provided the required three hour fire rating based on UL Design X313.

Not only is this an ideal solution for this situation, it is also an excellent alternative for a cold weather application. DriClad can be installed prior to erection of the perimeter wall.