Restoration & Renovation


Restorations and renovations of buildings always brings its own set of fireproofing issues.  Albi Manufacturing is there to help you solve those issues.  Our Albi Clad FP is made to order for wood, wall board and tin ceilings.  We can provide an easy to apply intumescent material to protect previously unprotected buildings.  Albi DriClad fireproofing board is ideal for the renovation of failing cementitious material as well as previously finished substrates without costly removal.

Albi Clad FP, interior water-based intumescent fireproofing designed for wood frame construction, applied to the deck and beams to provide an architectural finish as well as a one hour rating.  This project was a large renovation in Boston, MA.

Albi DriClad fireproofing board used on a large parking garage renovation encapsulating SFRM that had failed over time.  The DriClad prevented any SFRM from cracking and falling onto vehicles and pedestrians.

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