Providing Fireproofing for 75 Years

Albi Protective Coatings is a wholly-owned subsidiary of StanChem Polymers. We have been a premier developer and manufacturer of fireproofing materials since the mid-1950s. Our intumescent coatings and mineral fiberboard have been tested under a tremendous range of conditions and extreme environments. Albi’s superior performance has been proven on numerous occasions worldwide.

The first UL Designs for Mastic and Intumescent Coatings were issued to Albi in the late 1960’s as Designs X601 for columns and N601 for beams. In the mid-1940s, Albi developed coatings for combustible substrates such as canvas, wood and cellulose fiber tile. In the early 1960s, the chemistry was developed for structural steel.

The development of Albi’s TF (Thin Film) intumescent fireproofing represented a breakthrough as the first UL classified, water-based, thin film intumescent material for interior structural steel. Today, Albi Clad TF, Albi Clad FP, Albi Clad 800 and Albi DriClad continue to provide long-term, aesthetic fire protection while meeting global fire standards, building codes and insurance requirements.

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