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Magna-Shield®, HYDROCOTE® Resisthane™, HOODSTRIP®-290 and 888, HYDROCOTE® Polyshield®, our Wiping Wood Stains, lacquer and water based Quick Drying Wood Grain Fillers, and of course EVERLAST™ Wood Finish.


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HYDROCOTE® Resisthane™ was born 32 years ago

In response to California’s prospective ban on solvent based lacquers. The now popular “green” movement was heading our way. Over the years technological improvements evolved to the current Resisthane™ PLUS to make it a one of its kind, and continues to remain unprecedented. Its warmth and clarity to the grain or stain along with ease of use, versatility to apply, quick drying and rapid hardness development properties continue to be unrivaled. Equally important, Resisthane™ PLUS is a truly “green” technology formula product, with extremely low VOC, no hazardous air pollutants (HAP) or phthalates, and is chemically insensitive.
Magna-Shield® is another wonderful wood finish born roughly 35 years ago and continues to improve through innovations. It satisfies the need for a durable, “self-sealing” pre-cat lacquer with the ability for a high film build (more than four coats) without cracking or crazing six months down the road. Its unique chemistry also delivers blush resistance up to a relative humidity of 96% and a smooth finish straight from the gun.
EVERLAST™ Wood Finish and the Quick Drying Wood Grain Fillers are two equally extraordinary products. The latter being lacquer based, and now also available in water-based, able to seal and fill the grain quickly and economically on most tighter grain furniture and millwork fast and easy.
The EVERLAST™, an Eco-Smart™ interior/exterior wood finish, offers an unsurpassed durability to a polyurethane with the richness and beauty of a varnish and Tung-oil, yet without that obnoxious odor. Dries and cures 75% faster than Tung-oil and will not support spontaneous combustion. The EVERLAST™ GYMCOAT is an enhanced wood finish designed specifically for wood flooring. Both products are now the preferred choice by architects 9 to 1, whether furniture or flooring.

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