Dux Paint

About Us

Dux Paint has been manufacturing top quality coatings since 1946

We have an extensive VOC compliant liquid coatings product line. Chemistries include both water and solvent based protective industrial coatings for air dry, force cure, and bake systems, all available in both single and two-component systems. Whether OEM applied or field applied our VOC compliant liquid industrial coatings will meet your demanding performance requirements:

•Scratch and scuff resistant •Chemical resistance •Exterior durability •Increased hardness •Wear resistance

We understand the importance of color and gloss retention combined with outstanding exterior UV durability. Our general industrial coatings will protect your substrates from weathering and corrosion and will provide excellent durability.

Plant Capabilities

Dux Paint has been manufacturing water based and solvent based industrial protective coatings since 1946. Our modern Class I, Div I, manufacturing plant in Lodi, NJ is capable to produce from 50 to 1000 gallon batches of water based or solvent based industrial protective coatings. We offer custom color matching to meet your color requirements. Our manufacturing process has state of the art quality and process controls.
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