Albi Protective Coatings

The Origin of Intumescent Fireproofing

Albi Protective Coatings has achieved Greenguard Gold certification

By choosing products with GREENGUARD Certification, you are creating a healthier indoor environment for your home, office, or institution and reducing chemical exposure. GREENGUARD Certification Standards are among the most rigorous in the world, so you can be confident that these certified products live up to their claims.

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Albi has products for nearly any application

Restoration & Renovation

Restorations and renovations of buildings always brings its own set of fireproofing issues. Albi Manufacturing is there to help you solve those issues. Our Albi Clad FP is made to order for wood, wall board and tin ceilings. We can provide an easy to apply intumescent material to protect previously unprotected buildings. Albi DriClad fireproofing board is ideal for the renovation of failing cementitious material as well as previously finished substrates without costly removal.

Refineries & Petrochemical

Albi Manufacturing has been fireproofing petrochemical plants and oil refineries with our Albi Clad 800. Albi Clad 800 has been the choice for intumescent fireproofing for over 25 years in the refinery and petrochemical facilities. This durable mastic is used on pipe racks, vessel and tower skirts, tank legs and the structural steel (including galvanized) of the facility. Our products and technical know how can assist in achieving the proper fire rating to industry standards and insurance requirements. Our time-tested, low maintenance exterior fireproofing is always there to protect lives and property.

Commercial Construction

For over 60 years, Albi products have been a leader in intumescent fireproofing for the commercial construction business. From airports concourses, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals and everything in between, Albi sets the standard in fireproofing technology. We manufacture Fireproof Insulation Board, Commercial Construction Fireproofing, and Fireproof Insulation.

Modular Building Construction

Albi DriClad has become a standard in modular building construction. Not only does DriClad provide fireproofing for each modular section, it also provides mateline protection post-construction. In addition to fire protection, Albi DriClad also acts as a soundproofing material and assists in insulation.

Bridges & Tunnels

Albi Protective Coatings is a leader in fireproofing important cogs in our infrastructure. Our Albi Clad 800 is used in a variety of fireproofing applications on bridges and tunnels. Albi DriClad has been used in tunnels for protecting cables and encasing failed cementitious applications.

Meet our team of experts

Daryl Orlich

VP Sales, Eastern Region

Albi is the origin of fireproofing materials for structural steel. I have over 37 years of fireproofing experience with Albi. My mission is to provide professional technical and sales support for a successful Albi fireproofing project.

860 985 3138

Michael Misiaszek

R&D Manager

Matthew Auchy

VP of Sales

I am proud to be part of an Albi product development heritage that since 1948 has been protecting people and property with intumescent fire-resistive paints for passive fire protection.

860 817 3234

Joe Harrington

Albi Sales Manager

Cathy Nye

Customer Service Manager

I aim to provide the best customer experience that sets Albi apart from the competition.

860 828 2164

Ireneusz Kurplewski (Jarick)

Senior Lead / Operator

I’m proud to be making great, quality Albi products.

Who we are

Albi Protective Coatings, a division of StanChem Inc., was the first company to offer intumescent fireproofing for exposed structural steel columns and beams. We are a leader in the fire protection industry for interior and exterior steel as well and wood, sheetrock, and other substrates.