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Albi Cote FRL

Albi Cote FRL is a water-based, co-polymer intumescent coating, which provides excellent fire retardant properties.  Albi Cote FRL is odor-free and offers the advantages of easy application and cleanup. This durable fire retardant coating provides a serviceable, wash-resistant flat finish for a wide variety of interior applications.  Designed for interior use, Albi Cote FRL is a quick drying special coating that reacts to flame or heat at 300û F (149û C) by expanding into a thick multicellular insulating blanket. This intumescent carbonaceous foam sharply limits the spread of flame and insulates the surface to which it is applied. Albi Cote FRL provides a decorative, washable and mar-resistant finish like conventional paint, with the added advantages of a Class A fire retardant coating.

Albi Cote FRL is recommended as a decorative interior finish for the protection of combustible wall and ceiling surfaces such as wood, fiberboard, plywood, particle board, etc. and as supplementary low flame spread and low smoke density protection when applied to plaster, gypsum wallboard, cinder block, etc. Albi Cote FRL is specially designed for application to combustible areas of public assembly such as restaurants, nursing homes, schools, corridors, stairwells, etc., where odor-free, quick drying features are desired.

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