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Albi Cote 144

Albi 144 is a solvent based fire-inert alkyd coating, available in a semi-gloss finish. Designed for use on noncombustible surfaces and as a topcoat for fire retardant coatings, it minimizes the potential fire hazard of conventional paints.  Applied like conventional paint, this durable coating provides a wear-resistant surface with excellent wash ability, without affecting the fire rating of the substrate to which it is applied. Albi 144 is available in a wide range of deep color hues on special order.

Albi 144 fire-inert coating is widely used for the following applications:

Noncombustible surfaces such as plaster and masonry corridors, stairwells, exit ways and other public assembly areas

Combustible surfaces as a topcoat over fire retardant coatings on trim, doors, paneling, walls, and decorative displays

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