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Albi Cote 107A

Albi 107A is a solvent based synthetic coating. Recognized as the “standard of the industry,” Albi 107A provides excellent fire retardant properties due to its special formulation of intumescent components. Designed for maximum protection of all combustible or noncombustible surfaces, it reacts to flame or heat at 300 degrees F by foaming into a thick cellular isolative blanket. This carbonaceous foam sharply limits the spread of flame and insulates the surface to which it is applied.  Albi 107A reduces smoke development to low levels, critically important in assuring rapid escape from fire.  Applied like conventional paint, this intumescent coating provides excellent durability and wear resistance, evidenced by wash, leaching and scrub ability tests.

Recommended Uses
Interior Applications: Combustible surfaces such as wood framing and paneling, trim, doors, cellulose fiber tile, insulation board and decorative displays.  It can also be applied to noncombustible surfaces such as plaster and masonry corridors, stairwells, electrical control panels, supplementary protection to metal ducts and fire dampers.  

Exterior Applications: Albi 107A may be used for exterior applications by over coating with Albi 144 Fire-Inert Semi-Gloss Finish Coating to provide effective weather ability characteristics (See Albi 144 Data Sheet).  Weatherometer test exposures of the Albi 107A/144 system for 1000 hours (equivalent to 3 years) of exterior exposure have shown excellent durability with no significant loss in fire protection. The Albi 107A/144 System may be used for the following applications:

Combustible Surfaces: Wood framing, siding soffit areas, enclosures, wooden fire escapes, job site offices, temporary partitions, scaffolding, etc. (The Albi 107A/144 System is not recommended for application to roof shingles. 

Noncombustible Surfaces: Electrical control panels, ductwork, light steel framing.

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